Bellissima Cookware - EasyGrip 7pc - Black/Red

  • R 1,999.00

Bellissima Cookware - EasyGrip 7pc - Black/Red

It takes time to lovingly prepare a meal, so why not show off your cooking by presenting it in something fabulous- the very same cookware set that you prepared it in. Bellissima Cookware Range, by Fine Living, is made to serve meals straight from your stove or oven top, directly onto your table. This dual purpose 7-piece set is made from die cast aluminium, so not only is it durable and but its gorgeous design makes any meal look even more delicious.

The set includes:

16cm casserole w/ lid - DIMENSIONS (L x H x W)23.8x18.5x13cm

20cm casserole w/ lid - DIMENSIONS (L x H x W)30x22x14.5cm

24cm casserole w/ lid - DIMENSIONS (L x H x W)35x26.7x17cm

24cm frypan - DIMENSIONS (L x H x W)46.6x26.7x8.5


Pot and glass lid are oven safe.

Important user information:

1.Glass lid whith stainless steel rim is oven safe. The Wave style cookware set: max temperature is 400'C, but the rim may gain a yellow tinge if high oven temperatures are used frequently, however the glass lid itself can withstand the heat.Lids with silicone rims are not recommended for oven use.

2.Wave Cookware set can be used with other cooking methods at a temperature of between 250’C - 280’C

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